Meet Your Instructor

Organizational Mindfulness Expert & CEO of Twello

Kayla Baum

Kayla Baum isn't just the CEO of Twello, she's a trailblazer in organizational mindfulness. Under her leadership, Twello emerged as the top provider of corporate mindfulness, meditation, and yoga sessions for organizations. In just four years, Kayla transformed her passion for mindfulness into an industry beacon, gaining insights by collaborating with companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Microsoft. And one thing she learnt is that this space is still underserved and has so much room for instructors to step into organizations and share their practice with them. Her personal journey with mindfulness is underlined by many certifications, with hands-on experience and a deep understanding of today's organizational needs, Kayla's course offers more than certification—it's a pathway to blending mindfulness with modern business excellence.